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View Diary: Paul Ryan says men in 'inner cities' aren't 'even thinking about working' (179 comments)

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    The biggest problem in America is the Religious Right, and they are white. They vote in the Sarah Palins (she got 59 million votes), Rick Perry, Orrin Hatch (Utah goes 80% Republican), the list is way too long. Whenever we hear Republicans blathering what sounds like pandering nonsense to us is actually their mating call to the Religious Right. Michele Bachmann got law degree from Oral Roberts U, helped publish a book during her studies re: America started as a Theocracy and should go back to it. In heavy Evangelical states-Oklahoma, etc., (Evangies vote 75% Republican) Repubs have an advantage to start with of 40% (of the Evangies who vote) Sweet. Many are racists, too, still seething about the Civil War. How to fight that? Millions of T-Shirts-"Democrat For Jesus"? Simplistic vs. simplistic.

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