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View Diary: No, the Florida special election is not a referendum on Obamacare (85 comments)

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    Like I've said before, Obama has been a disaster - an unmitigated disaster - for the Democratic Party.

    The ACA not a cause for concern?

    It has been one of the worst designed and implemented pieces of legislation in memory, with changes and 'recalls' almost daily.

    If a neutral party had designed a piece of legislation to destroy the Democratic majority and provide openings for right wing crazies like Cruz and Paul, then the ACA fits the bill. But more than this it has handcuffed him in his ability to take on other important issues like climate change and the environment, as well as economic and tax issues.

    I'm trying to figure out the flaw in Obama's makeup that's behind his politically inept or, more accurately, disastrous decisions. He's obviously very intelligent, but something about his grasp of political realities is lacking...big time.

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