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View Diary: Radioactive Ocean Plume from Fukushima hits US West Coast - How Bad Is It? (38 comments)

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  •  The point (1+ / 0-)
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    is that we need facts. And then the debate will begin as to how to interpret them.

    It's not something that will be settled right away.

    The sources I linked seemed to me, as a non-scientist, to be interesting and non-wacky. But, please, offer other sources if you have some to suggest.

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      MarineChemist includes links, as to other knowledgeable commenters in his threads. Those would probably be good sources to look into.

      As to the interesting sites you found - The Blaze is Glenn Beck's site, which pretty much says it all right there as far as factual and reliable. GlobalResarch is generally known as leaning to conspiracy theory.

      Jury's still out on Liberty Voice (aka guardianlv, aka The New Yorker Times, aka Frackle Media Group...) Not "out" as to whether they will prove to be a good resource, but whether they will founder from incompetence or worse.

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