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View Diary: NYT: Rove = Cooper's source; WaPo/LAT: Rove not = Cooper's source (26 comments)

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  •  Maybe Miller knows, (none)
    that Karl really knew Valarie Plame was a CIA agent. That would blow a hole in his lawyers assertions that Karl didn't "knowingly" out a CIA agent. Miller source will fry Rove, so she will not reveal. She is scared to death of Rove and what he will do to her, if she outs him.
    •  After all this, could he still do anything? (none)
      Could Rove still destroy Miller's career (assuming it's not destroyed already)?

      Wouldn't that be kind of obvious at this point?

      Is Rove really so powerful that he can call the Times and say, in effect, "Fire Miller!" and she's history?

      •  I don't think it is about her career. (none)
        I think it is something more, perhaps the Chalaibi connection. Don't know what it is but Rove has got to have something on her, and other members of the MSM. Why the hell do they cave to him all the time?

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