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View Diary: NYT: Rove = Cooper's source; WaPo/LAT: Rove not = Cooper's source (26 comments)

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    This has me all perplexed.  I guess I can accept that Rove would release Cooper and now Cooper will testify, presumably he got an updated or a more clear interpretation of the release.  (I can't see why Rove would release Cooper if if harmed him.)  

    But I think Miller got the same kind of release.  If you look at Page 14 of the Prosecutor's Brief in Opposition to her motion for reconsideration - I have too much free time on my hand - the Prosecutor compares a situation involving Mark Bowden in a case where the source was not claiming confidentiality and yet Bowden's publisher continued to protect the source.  The Prosecutor states:  "a situation (the Bowden case)analogous to that presented here because the source in this case has waived confidentiality in writing".  It seems to me that Miller got a waiver as well and yet doesn't want to testify.  Why not?  Are the waivers from different people.  Does Rove want Cooper to talk but not Miller.  Is Miller protecting someone or something else other than Rove and is simply using Rove as the excuse.  

    •  Nightline (none)
      It was announced on Nightline about fifteen minutes ago. I came back to the computer to see what was up.

      Hold onto your hats, folks; the spin is about to go to Category 5!

    •  Miller's source vs. Cooper's source (none)
      That's what I wonder also -- maybe Miller's not protecting Rove after all?  Maybe Rove found out from Miller?  And Miller from someone else?

      I saw O'Donnell on Aaron Brown last night and he said he didn't think Rove was in a position to criminally leak Plame's identity, because he said he didn't think Rove would have had the security clearance (does that make sense?) to have the info.  He either implied or said outright, I can't remember, that maybe someone else leaked the info to Rove.

      All very confusing.

      •  O'Donell is warming him up a bit (none)
        Come on Karl, we know you shouldn't have had that info. Now tell us who it was.

        Is is it me or is it getting warm in here, Karl?

        "What they found is a silver bullet in the form of a person."

        by subtropolis on Thu Jul 07, 2005 at 12:10:03 AM PDT

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    •  This seems to suggest (none)
      a pretty cozy relationship between rove and the press-dontcha think???

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