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View Diary: If you have ever loved or known someone with Autism please read this diary (133 comments)

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  •  I have the knowledge but not the slip (3+ / 0-)
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    of paper. That means a lot. Still that is flattering:)

    “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” George Orwell

    by Tool on Wed Apr 16, 2014 at 08:25:28 PM PDT

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    •  If the show wants to TEACH viewers about autism (1+ / 0-)
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      with the goal of helping the public understand autistic people (rather than using a stereotype as a plot-point-generator for conflict), introducing a teacher/consultant makes lots of sense.  And since an important person with the show (producer? writer? sorry, don't recall) is the parent of an autistic person, writing letters might be able to change the direction of the show.

      You (and others in this thread who watch the show) could start making notes about how Max is used/treated in a scene/show, about the 'wrong message' delivered, about how different techniques would have created a different 'arc' in that show/scene.  These notes could be the basis for letters/emails that could lead to a re-shaping of the Max character, making him a character with an 'arc' rather than a 'fixed-point' character (while also introducing a new element to the parent's 'arcs'.)

      Here's a suggest introduction to the new character of the Teacher:

      Mom takes Max to the doctor's for a standard back-to-school physical, which Max doesn't want to do (this could be presented either as a few 'set-up' scenes, Mom telling Max that 'tomorrow' then 'today after school' they'll go to Doc; max doesn't want to, or simply begin as Max/Mom enter the waiting room).

      Max & Mom enter the waiting room where a pleasant-looking young man is leafing through a magazine, waiting.  Mom tells Max to sit down, wait patiently (behave appropriately for waiting room).  Max resists, he & Mom fall into their standard power struggle, with Max showing increasing resistance; young man makes commiserative-but-supportive eye contact a few times, Mom looks embarrassed but grateful for the support.  As power-struggle continues (much lower-level than a flame-out), young man give Mom a smile and asks modestly, 'Can I say something?'.  Mom gives permission with a gesture.

      Young man (Teacher) says 'Max, you really don't want to be here, do you?'  Max, 'No!'  Teacher, 'I have some music you could listen to while you're waiting; would that help?'  Max considers, says Yes.  Teacher says 'I have this kind or that kind of music/musician; which do you want?'.  Max chooses, Teacher set up 'right stuff' on device with earphones, says, 'Max, how about this for a deal?  I let you listen to music while you're waiting quietly, then you give my player back and cooperate with the doctor, okay?'  Max considers, then agrees.  Teacher says, 'Okay, so that's a deal.  Do you want to go straight home afterwards, of is there something you'd like to do after, if it's OK with Mom?'  Max says emphatically 'Root beer!'  Teacher glances at Mom, who nods; Teacher says to Max, 'Well, why don't yo ask Mom if you can go for root beer after?' Max does, Mom agrees, Max puts on headphones and enjoys the music.  In brief Mom asks Teacher 'How did you do that?' Teacher smiles disarmingly ans explains that he's been working with autistic children for some time, is currently working with private clients as he pursues his education toward certification.  Mom asks if Teacher would work with them, Teacher says they can discuss it sometime soon.  Max & Mom are called into doctor's office, Max returns Teachers player, goes calmly with Mom to inner door, Max turns and says 'Thank you!' to Teacher, who grins and says 'You're welcome, Max!'  (Note: throughout exchange between Teacher/Max, Teacher includes Mom through eye contact, checking with her at each step.)

      Now I realize that my 'scene' may not be accurate in terms of shaping an intervention, and I apologize for that, but it is just an idea of how a better-structured initial meeting introducing the Teacher could be done.  I'm sure you & parents here would have better structure for the intervention.

      Years ago, while in college, I worked with Special Ed kids  I think the current terminology would be something like high-functioning developmentally challenged kids/young adults (although different terms, which would be shocking now, were used then).  The structure I used is what I would have done with my old pal Albert -- although I probably would have chosen two after-treats I knew he liked (Root beer or ice cream cone?) rather than ask him what he 'wanted to do'.  So maybe the structured choice cold be part of the dialogue from Mom, before Teacher intervenes, so he knows what to suggest.

      Sorry this went on so long.parents in the thread spoke of appreciating that an autistic person was being shown as a character, while being dissatisfied at how that person was being portrayed, so I thought 'what if viewers changed the show?'

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