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View Diary: American Family Radio guest host calls for left-wing academics to be "taken out and shot" (240 comments)

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    Very jolly. Now, do you wish to seriously maintain that the comment about academics being taken out and shot was meant literally? If people weren't so desperately looking for proof that their political opponents were, in fact, the spawn of Satan, no one would give this idiocy a second glance. But if you want to get all bent out of shape over Ruse, then Savage deserves no less.

    The Savage bit, btw, was a couple of years back, and raised a bit of a fuss when it happened. I remembered it and, praise Google, found it in seconds—amid all the various apologies Savage has had to issue over the years. Of course, there wasn't a word about it here on DKOS, and I think we know why. I myself am opposed to double standards and prefer to have a consistent, unitary position on these sorts of things.

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      And I have no idea if he was serious and should be taken literally, many of these people are seriously unhinged, as are their minions who listen to this crap. There is no equivalent on the left. Good for you for digging up one possible example (can't actually watch now, at work) from years back, but it doesn't change that basic fact. No one is "desperately looking for proof" about these nutjobs, they are out there every day spewing hate. Not the spawn of Satan, whatever that is, just despicable people saying despicable things, over and over and over. Use your mad Google skills and prove the hypocrisy you insist exists.

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