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  •  His story definitely needs to be told (2+ / 0-)
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    henlesloop, Back In Blue

    I understand him not wanting to rake over old hurts. But if he can see his way to illuminating other people's paths, then I hope he does it.

    Without any searching on my part I hear much about the European Jews that escaped promised death in Europe under the Nazis. I would wonder about the people that already lived in Palestine, when these new people moved in, took over, and called it Israel.

    I wondered about the people, not the politics.

    To date, I've only come across one story--again, without any searching on my part--from a man that went back to the house he grew up in, now in Israel. A bittersweet story, but illuminating and important.

    More stories need to be told. It's not true that nobody cares.

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