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    Congratulations, you should be very proud of your accomplishment. I did not know you as I m a new member, but I agree with your agenda, as mentioned above. Since you seem to be so well connected, I am asking you for your help. I started a petition that will ask Congress to cut military spending and re-invest in America's infrastructure. This will help the economy, create tens of thousands of good paying jobs, and provide an economic opportunity for our returning veterans. I would appreciate it if you would sign this petition, and help me spread the word, possibly becoming a co-sponsor if you will. Thank you for any help you can provide, and again, awesome.
    Subject: Cut military spending and re-invest in America's Infrastructure


    Our elected officials have neglected our infrastructure far to long. Continuing to do nothing will lead to a catastrophic economic failure in the near future. We spend more on our military than the next five biggest military nations combined. We can maintain our military superiority and still cut spending, all we need is leaders to recognize that this "corporate welfare" needs to end.

    That's why I created a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama, which says:

    "America's infrastructure is vital to our economic growth and future. The current state of our infrastructure has been graded a "D" by engineering groups around the country.  Cut military spending and re-invest in our aging infrastructure, creating tens of thousands of jobs and preserving our future. "

    Will you sign this petition? Click here:


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      I have long said that we could cut our military budget, keep the number of members of the service, and bring them home to work on infrastructure issues.  We could expand our civil service to completely rebuild our roads, shore up our ports, clean our cities and rebuild them, and bring some pride and dignity back to our most neglected communities.  We can turn things around!

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