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View Diary: BREAKING: Justice Dept Misled Public on Mortgage Fraud Probes, Eviscerated By Inspector General (248 comments)

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    Not that it matters but I actually did draw attention to this fabrication last year at my blog, Sense on Cents,   last summer 2013.

    The simple fact is there has been SO little meaningful transparency on so many fronts that people are hard pressed to keep track of what is really going on in terms of Washington being 'in bed with Wall Street.'

    I have tracked so many angles of this activity for the last 5 years and my book on what I define as the 'conspiracy crippling our global economy' was recently released.

    It is not just the DOJ misrepresenting data but a whole host of far more scandalous practices that have transpired within our financial regulatory system that will and should be exposed. I welcome shining that light on these practices (misappropriation of funds, whistleblower abuses, kangaroo courts, and a whole lot more) in my book, In Bed with Wall Street (Palgrave Macmillan):

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