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View Diary: Oregon senator joins the call for increasing Social Security benefits (130 comments)

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  •  I do a lot of my politicking on the very local (4+ / 0-)
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    level of my small town's main beauty parlor. Wed, I mentioned how the DOD wants to change the military from a fixed pension to a lump sum at retirement with a 401K. (We are a military town, so that type of discussion gets attention.)

    Then I went on to mention how the baby boomers had known that we would represent a challenge when we began retiring so we increased SS taxes back when Carter was President. And that most boomers saw their IRAs and 401K disappear in the 2007 melt down of Wall Street and would have to rely more on SS than they had planned. And that we should actually increase benefits instead of restricting COLA increases.

    I was surprised, though I shouldn't have been, we have a large retirement community, at the agreement I found. On both points. One, that it was unfair to ask young marines to gamble in the stock market - hell, their jobs were gamble enough - and two, that SS benefits should be increased.

    There aren't many towns in California as deep red as this one, but if this one is starting to think that way, more Democrats should be running on increasing benefits.

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