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  •  It's a bit of a switch for me to (0+ / 0-)

    promote me. It's not about me really, it's more about what I can do to move the County in a more progressive and environmentally sustainable direction and make sure things run smoothly. It won't be about piggybacking any personal enterprise onto the office.

      I am issues oriented and I like facts. I like other people's ideas and I like to hear their perspectives. I like people but I am also happy to be alone and sit down and study something until I am thoroughly familiar with it.

      I spent about 9 years doing community activism that included part of the newly drawn district I am running for that involved environmental issues surrounding mining, which was about clean water and clean air mainly; emissions from a cement plant, test runs for a temporary tire incinerator and waste oil generator and the the new prototype for a superheater plant, the most modern cement plant in the world. The water issues were about protecting the quality and quantity of water, monitoring the mining companies when they moved streams and pumped water to dig their pits deeper and identifying dangerous areas that are prone to sinkholes.

     We have had several large sinkholes. One killed a man on his early morning break to the local 7-11 to get coffee for his workmates at the water treatment plant. It was a state road. We had another open up right outside the quarry which is in the city limits of Frederick but nobody got hurt, although there was an important interchange and new road system going in there, so that changed the alert level of local roadbuilders a bit, and then a huge sinkhole opened up on US 15 which is essentially the beltway around Frederick.

      There was a whole lot more to it but to anybody reading, it was a lot of chart reading, emissions reports, underground hydrology studies and getting anecdotal evidence from landowners about what they observed, working with the MDE local governments and checking their assumptions etc., etc., monitoring the CO2 trading program which meant that the Superheater project had to go in search of a company within the trading zone that would be suitable for a retrofit to offset the emissions of the new plant.

      I guess it sounds boring but it was really interesting once I got enough immersion in it to be conversant with all the issues. And then I would publish a monthly newsletter into a digestible format for the community. I would write it, go to huge copy room located in an international charity organization and print it, fold, staple and do my bulk mailing label thing and drop them off at the post office. And I had two little kids, one was just in school and the other was a baby.

      Then life intervened, I had another baby, my parents died and I moved to where I am now. As I look back I was doing a whole lot of other things which were mainly projects and small enterprises.

       As for raising money, yes that is going to be a thing. I am getting a website together. Any suggestions are welcome.

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