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  •  The Hebrew conception of earth was (0+ / 0-)

    a flat circular continent surrounded by the ocean. They were not only not aware of other continents, they were unaware of the shape of their own and thought that was the whole world. Thus to them the flooding of the whole "earth" was not as problematic as it is today. And of course all the animals lived in the same area, no worries about getting animals from other continents or getting them back to their original homes.

    Still even if the animals were local it is still a stretch to say that they could ever fit all those animals on the Ark. It is obvious that this was a tall tale even in their age. The BBC has a good video on youtube speculating that a very bad local flood happened and that "Noah"may have been a merchant whose boat was docked inland but when a flood hit he and his family got on the boat and then were washed out to sea. To them looking out over the sea it may have looked as if the whole world was covered with water.

    An interesting idea and over the years of oral telling the story became larger and more complex.

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