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  •  Dearest Suzi, you forget the good news (0+ / 0-)

    What do you recommend as an alternative to the knowledge that has moved the world forward from savagery to Liberalism? Surely not Popular Science and its faux freedoms, democracy, capitalism and the military complex that is necessary to enforcing those beliefs.

    And how do you explain the fact that children gravitate to the images in the Scriptures?

    You and Bill Maher overlook the fact that both birth and dying are included in the natural design of the human species, so it is an equally natural and logical progession to consider the afterlife in the same context as modern culture. Do Atheists deny the possibility that those who believe in Heaven, by that very belief, gain entry on passing beyond our physical form? With the obvious opposite the fate of Infidels, descent into the relative void of the infinite. Are the prayers of infidels answered by the modern Science of big Bangs and black holes?

    All of this was long ago carefully studied in the cradle of civilization when measurements of the sunlight and shadows falling on the Earth revealed the intelligence behind the Scriptures which can only have come from a commensurate intelligence that is favourably interested in and concerned with the minds and conditions of Humans.

    This is Christ's teaching, beloved by the young at heart.

    The walking dead despise it altogether. We recommend they read Ezekiel 37 to appreciate the stark distinction between knowing spirit and not knowing much at all.  

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