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  •  The Potlatch Language is based on Aramaic (0+ / 0-)

    Oral tradition was written down in aramaic and then translated into the Greek and still later into English.

    The Three Indians Tribes of the Potlatch culture(Pesa= feasting with the kgeklatl meaning the three) thus we celebrate the Last Supper while we deliberatetogether, in marked distinction from your Martial Democracies that always must be on guard in their meetings, never eating tohether or celebrating with the people at all, only taxing and governing them.

    We are totally convinced of our identity because our language contains many terms that bridge the Aramaic to the English, such as Ts'lm (Tsimsian) and Halelujah, which is the source in English of the term health while in our Tsalmalkit the same term breaks down into health, as well as into those characters who affect health positively or negatively; halayets are good Shamen, haldowkits the evil ones.

    This phenomena is the result of our gradual migration 'Eastward of Eden" until our family finally crossed the Pacific, circa 1233 A.D. The last leg of the journey was driven by Genghis Khan who intended to usurp the heavenly blessing for his own lineage. He failed when we, as Khitan, eluded him by sailing out of Asia and landed on the Pacific coast.

    The word Ark comes from this same process as our Adaawk (Story) and Ayoak (Law of Food). Use of the term to mean boat is symbolic of the isolation of our family among the rest of the people of the world. See Ezekiel 37 to appreciate how 'dead' Mr. Maher's ilk remains and that it only requires knowledge of this truth to restore peoples bones to life.

    When Alma came to Hagwilget around 1930 she married into our family and gave birth to Christ, as Isaiah in his Chapter 7, verse 14, says she would indeed give birth to an Elem, or student of God.

    But we still had to continue on to Haida Gwaii to re-connect with those who did not sin and were never sent out of Heaven's story into the struggle with Satan.

    Poor Mr. Maher would deny the world the moral of this amazing story.

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