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View Diary: Will we let Roger Shuler ("The Legal Schnauzer") suffer alone and forgotten? [Update] (97 comments)

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    Shuler did not catch Riley, Jr. and Liberty Duke in flagrante delicto.  He did not reveal sources.

    And neither did Bernstein and Woodward catch the felons of the Nixon Administration, or their coverups (called obstruction of justice).  They were not eyeball witnesses.  And they did not reveal sources either.

    Bernstein and Woodward were just conspiracy theorists.  

    Until time went by.

    What if the Nixon gang had gotten TRO's and injunctions on those two, or on Dr. Daniel Ellsberg?

     Read this:
    And this:

    The worse this thing gets stirred, the more it stinks.  Moore and Neilson have Alabama stinking enough to make a stout hog retch.

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