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View Diary: Will we let Roger Shuler ("The Legal Schnauzer") suffer alone and forgotten? [Update] (97 comments)

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    I'll need to give you the last word.  

    Having sat now through a multiple-day depositions, (big case, 200 defendants, here we sit, everyone gets to ask questions), its been extremely enjoyable to argue about things with real consequences.   This is why I became a lawyer, so many years ago.

    Unfortunately, its now time for me to start preparing to ask my half-hour of allotted questions, and after that, I'll doubtlessly return to my office and be swamped under a gajillion emails.   So, my ability to respond further will be limited.

    I will say this:   you have asked me why I bother to do anything on this site -- why do I care about Mr. Shuler, what the hell is going on?   Well, if you practiced today, you would find that the mind-numbing nature of large litigation practice can only be alleviated by finding parts of the law that are interesting, and discussing those.   I've appreciated the time you've spent -- certainly, its been more fun than asking about obscure issues involving securities spreads.  

    In any event, thanks again.   I've enjoyed the debate, even if we remain at loggerheads.

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