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View Diary: Putin Propagandist Threatens US with Nuclear Annihilation over Ukraine (182 comments)

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  •  The residual empire of the Czars (4+ / 0-)

    is what it's all about.  The core doctrine is imperialism, and behind that nationalism.  The nationalism ties into anti-Westernism, which is part of the internal Russian conflict or paradox of 'European face' and 'Asian face'.  The papering over of the problem with 'Eurasianism' is perhaps the only innovation and really interesting element of the present neo-Czarism, aka Putinism.

    As its conquests rebel and break away, one by one, its true believers become more fervent and desperate.

    Losing the bulk of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people to liberal democratization and the EU is bad enough for these true believers.  When the Belarusians rise up and break away away from Moscow/Russia the whole structure of rationalizations they have will start teetering and cracking.  Which they will not take well at all.

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