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View Diary: Crimea votes to join Russia. Now what? (103 comments)

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  •  Oddly, parts of Europe (1+ / 0-)
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    have high voter participation....

    Also, not every "Tatar" stayed home, so that's not 100% either.

    Finally, although people may say they are this or that, many may actually be quite mixed and may call themselves "Tatar" when only 1 grandparent was (and even that might not be so "pure").

    My grandfather supposedly had a "Tatar" mother but if so,   one couldn't tell by looking at him which makes me suspect that it's a lot like Americans claiming to be "American Indian" with very little actual Indian parentage when the subject is seriously researched....  Another example is the "one drop" rule with black people where others label you as "black"(and you will look at yourself that way) when one can be less African than European.
    Ethnicity is a very strange subject.  It's complicated, mixed, inexact and in many ways silly where you end up being what you THINK you are rather than your actual heritage.

    •  Still, 95% in favor plus a huge number (3+ / 0-)

      abstaining just makes no sense.

      The average turnout for presidential elections is about 72%.

      This means that huge numbers of ethnic Ukrainians also voted for secession.

      It makes no sense.

      If knowledge is power and power corrupts, does that mean that knowledge corrupts?

      by AoT on Sun Mar 16, 2014 at 04:45:10 PM PDT

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