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View Diary: coming soon to a nation near you, it's Sunday Puzzle 2014-03-16 (48 comments)

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  •  The CG answer (5+ / 0-)

    Miscarriages, like abortion and menstruation, are distinctly
    vagina-related, and that freaks us out. And by "us" I mostly mean
    men. It's much harder to be freaked out by vaginas when you have one,
    though it must be said that some women do manage it. - Leah McLaren

    •  Step-By-Step demo of how to solve this CG (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      pucklady, JoeXM

      For those who haven't mastered the art of decoding Crypto-Gremlins as well as JoeXM can, here's a step-by-step guide to how to crack this one.

      First, go to the American Cryptogram Association site and paste the text of the Crypto-Gremlin into the handy letter-substition tool provided there.

      1. Look at the end letters to get a list of the vowels. These are: E A O B L Y D.
      2. Hmmm. There are 7 end-letters; so in addition to A, E, I, O, U and Y we have an additional letter (such as a W at the end of know) providing a vowel sound at the end of a word. D, L and B all appear at both the beginning and ends of words...
      3. We have a 2-letter word, My. The capitalization of the M means this is a capitalized word; and since it's not the first word in the sentence, that means this is probably the word I. So Y=I.
      4. 3-letter words are almost certain to consist entirely of actual letters, no add-ons. That makes it a good idea to check and see if the passage includes any. Looking for 3-letter words, we can see there are two: LBO and BRA.

      BRA has the pattern vowel-consonant-vowel. Let's set that aside for a moment. But LBO has the pattern vowel-vowel-vowel. That means it's almost certainly the word YOU. Plug in L=Y, B=O, O=U.

      5. We can now see that BRA begins with an O. It must be a word in which O has a consonant sound of W -- such as ONE (pronounced won). Plug in R=N, A=E
      6. Looking at FYS'KO, we can see this is -i-'- (with an add-on U at the end). It's not an /--n't  word, because the letter N is already accounted for; so it's IT'S. Plug in S=T and K=S.
      7. With the vowels E, I, O, U, and Y accounted for, we should now be able to identify the A.

      From our list of end-letters, we have D and E left to represent A and our consonant-vowel. Looking at the words they appear in, it's apparent that the E in the encoded text must be our A...

      8. ... And plugging that into HARKSTOESYBRE, it becomes obvious this word must be MENSTRUATION. Plug in H=M, T=R.
      9. Everything falls into place quickly now. HYKMETTYECAKE is MISCARRIAGES. UYKSYRMSPL is DISTINCTLY. SDESL is THAT. ZBHARL is WOMEN. NA is BE. PYGA is LIKE...
      10. One of the hardest parts of the passage now becomes clear: ITAEGKA JOKE ZBOSA is FREAKS US OUT. And it's now easy to see that JECYRE-TAPESAUY translates to VAGINA-RELATED.
      And that explains the title the gremlins gave to the puzzle, "Deja Vu". A while back, in response to certain conservatives and their phobia of the word vagina, Sunday Puzzle attempted to help out by featuring the word vagina in at least one puzzle each week. Alas, I fear a lot of folks still have an irrational fear of vaginas -- but each year progress is being made.
      •  The ACA tool linked above (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        science, Nova Land

        is what I used to solve these.  My keys were the 4 letters that translate to "tion" and the "Mc" from  the author's last name.  This gave me enough to work the  rest of it fairly quickly.

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