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  •  Long Island is ripe for the taking (7+ / 0-)

    Republicans might have arguably dummymandered Long Island by taking two counties, both won by Obama, and trying to carve it up so they could win all 9 seats within.  I know why they did it, as historically they've had an iron grip there, and the 2010 GOP wave washed out the only Dem advances.  And the Long Island gerrymander held up in 2012.  But it was just barely, as they almost lost 3 seats.  Now with a couple retirements adding to their woes, they face difficult holds on 5 of their 9 Long Island seats.

    A more forward-thinking gerrymander might have conceded Democrats a vote sink, or maybe even two to protect the rest.  But with such a narrow grip on the chamber, they couldn't afford to do that either (and obviously they'd have to toss an incumbent overboard to do that).

    I don't envy the NY senate Republicans right now.  They're stuck collaborating with a few Democrats for control, will never see their party win statewide office (or the Assembly) again, have much more defense than offense, and seem to exist mainly to continue their existence rather than push conservative policies or do anything meaningful.

    •  If you compare the total number of votes (0+ / 0-)

      cast in 2008 compared to 2012, it seems like turnout was down by a decent amount, or at least voting in the state legislative races was.

      "Once, at a formal dinner, when [a rich] guest complained about the cost of welfare programs for the poor, Buffett replied tartly, 'I'm a lot more concerned about welfare for the rich.'"--from a book on Warren Buffett

      by bjssp on Mon Mar 17, 2014 at 01:36:29 PM PDT

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