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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Live Digest: 3/17 (259 comments)

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    To be fair, the comment section seemed to reinforce a comment I made about three weeks ago.

    I think DKE has developed a cliqueish image of a so-called front-pager - one who advocates for unwinnable races and who doesn't understand how politics or elections work. From my observations, the vast bulk of the community, while being overtly progressive and wanting for a more progressive politics, are realistic about our country's politics. This describes DKE just as much as it does the front page. While many front-pagers may not have as nuanced an understanding of politics as many DKE members have, I think the bulk of these members are just as realistic as DKE members.
    Of the 15 commenters in that diary (including the diarist), 12 were supportive of Nunn's candidacy and only three were opposed. The other two opposed to Nunn barely justified their positions, whereas most of Nunn's supporters were pretty firm and justified their support multiple times. I think that's a pretty representative sample of DK at-large - wanting a more progressive country, but knowing the limits of politics (the art of the possible, as Bismarck would put it). Excluding SaoMagnifico and WisJohn, the other 10 supporters weren't DKE regulars, yet were fully reasoned in their support of Nunn - not fitting the stereotype of a "front-pager".

    I don't mean to be a stickler about this. I just don't want to see DKE develop a broader clique mentality. It's one thing to make fun of pundits who actually get payed non-monopoly money to act like Scott Brown is a serious threat to Jeanne Shaheen. It's another to mock diaries like this (much less in other unrelated threads like this). It just creates meta that isn't particularly helpful. Maybe I'm alone in this opinion though.

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