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    Man, if it hasn't been a busy news day for Michigan politics.  Mark Schauer is to accept the (much expected) endorsement of the Michigan AFL-CIO in downtown Detroit at a rally on Wednesday.  The vote by both the union's executive board and general board was unanimous.

    “Mark Schauer is a fierce advocate for the middle class who fought to save Michigan auto jobs while in Congress,” said Michigan AFL-CIO President Karla Swift in a prepared statement. “Mark is ready to fight for students and seniors as governor. This is in sharp contrast to Rick Snyder, who cut school funding and taxed seniors in order to give tax cuts to corporations, even if they ship jobs overseas.”
    Furthermore, released more of the numbers from today's Lambert, Edwards & Associates/Denno Research.  Snyder's personal favorability is virtually even at 43 favorable/ 42 unfavorable.  However, his job approval is squarely underwater at 41/57 disapproval.  The poll splits it between excellent, good, fair, and poor.  

    Hilariously, Snyder's people are whining about the sample, saying that it's too Democratic, which is crazy talk when you compare it to previous elections with the party indentification remaining remarkably consistent even in huge years for Democrats.  If there is every any change in Michigan, it's how many independents decide to identify as Republicans in any given year.  Democratic numbers remain consistent at around 40% of the electorate every time.  They are arguing the sample should only be two or three points more Dem than GOP, which I doubt was even the case in this state even during the 2010 Red Wave.  Funny enough, if anything, the sample is about a point or two lower on the Dems than past elections.

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