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View Diary: Working poverty is a hot trend thanks to low-wage jobs (48 comments)

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  •  We all know that money doesn't go as far... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...go to one of those inflation calculators on line.  Put in what you made at your first good job, and see what that would come out to today.  And then think about this:  back "then" did your employer take out some money for the heath care, insurance contribution?  Did you have a high deductible? Etc. And compare the rent you had to pay and the school loans you were paying on.

    So I did this for my first teaching job.  I earned $7100, which wasn't great, but I had really low expenses, especially since the district paid for the health insurance, etc.  My school loan was something like $100/month, which was just about my highest expense.  I didn't own a car, so no car payments or insurance.  I had to find a place to walk to my school.  I rented half of a basement room.

    That wage translates to $41000 in today's dollars.  But in today's economy, a young teacher might start at $33,000 and be at the same wage after 4 years, have the insurance taken out of that wage, and have a high deductible and 30% co-pay.  Plus he might have to drive to work, so there are car payments and insurance.  I'm talking about my son.  These are real numbers.  And he works very hard, evenings, weekends, from Mid August through late June.  He has it really good, ha?

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