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View Diary: CNN asks whether maybe God stole Flight 370 (389 comments)

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  •  And therein lies the birth (0+ / 0-)

    of god. Don't know what that lightning is outside the cave? A light monster. Those noises in the dark woods at night? Fairies. A jetliner disappears in a technological and dangerous world? God.

    If we knuckleheaded humans can't figure something out right away then we're ready to build our own ark and change our underwear because we don't want to show up at Pete's pearly gates with skid marks making us look like we crapped our pants thus providing undeniable proof of our scatological fear.

    Problem with that? If we pray to god our faith should be strengthened enough leaving no doubt of our love for and fear of the supernatural one. Under those circumstances we may be compelled to join the party of the Fallen One, the one that got away.

    Me, I'll just wait until evidence is uncovered possibly indicating what happened to those poor folks. If no evidence comes to the surface, I have room in my heart and in my head to live with the uncertainty of what happened.

    And in the end, god also came into being to supposedly provide his infinite comfort for people who couldn't live without the modern chimera of closure.

    Even though there is no such thing as closure, except for those struggling with an encumbered intellect, closure simply doesn't exist. Some of us wish so fervently for the impossible the only solution in the infinite one, the source of all comfort and closure.

    I'll stick with uncertainty and the love of family and friends when the shadow of uncertainty inexorably falls again across my life.

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