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View Diary: Progressive Caucus rolls out website as part of its 'Better Off Budget' campaign. Check it out (66 comments)

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  •  US News *LOVES* CPC's 'Better Off Budget' (17+ / 0-)

    Looking over the 'Better Off Budget' website  --

    -- looking for coverage I hadn't read yet, I found this link --

    The author was unfamiliar to me, but boy, is he enthusiastic about the CPC's 'Better Off Budget'.  He covers several of the budget's key points, making his opinion very obvious.

    the Congressional Progressive Caucus has released its own budget outline, and, once again, it’s the most serious attempt to grapple with the actual economic problems faced by the country.


    the Progressive Caucus has put together a serious effort, and the only budget that really tackles the U.S.’s real economic problems – high unemployment, stagnant wages and growing inequality – head on, rather than the imaginary problems of out of control spending and government overreach.

    The author singles out eight of the CPC budget's key points; I'll list only the titles here, but please go read his brief, incisive comments for each:
    Help for the long-term unemployed

    Direct job creation

    No more cuts to food stamps

    No more sequester

    Creating new tax brackets at the top of the income scale

    Implementing a financial transactions tax [ie 'Robin Hood tax']

    Embracing Dave Camp’s bank tax [a GOP proposal to tax biggest banks]

    Getting rid of the cap on Social Security taxes [so higher incomes will also pay into Soc Sec]

    And btw --
    the progressive budget would make the public debt fall faster than President Obama's budget.
    Folks, this is the US News & World Report printing this fiercely enthusiastic coverage of the CPC's 'Better Off Budget'.

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