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  •  People often believe what they believe (1+ / 0-)
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    because it makes them feel good about themselves to believe it. Justification to rationalize it comes later, if at all. Far too few people have the will or desire to look at something objectively if it would inconvenience their worldview to do so.

    LibrErica, I cordially invite you to join the group "Logic and Rhetoric at Daily Kos" (all 18 of us). But Kossacks are as prone to the problems you outline as anyone else. If you expect cogent arguments to speak for themselves among liberals, you have not journeyed far enough into the intellectual wasteland of Daily Kos, where ignorance is a virtue and advocating intolerant ideas is the sole reason for some groups to exist.

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      I think I have accepted it.

      I clicked on your name, then clicked on that group's name, and then clicked on Follow.

      Did I do it right?

      It's true that people often believe what they believe because it makes them feel good about themselves to believe it.

      But it's also true that people often believe what they believe because they learned it at such a young age, that they are barely even aware, if at all, that they believe it. Rather than seeing it as a belief, they see it as simply a condition that exists, therefore they believe it to be reality, and don't even know how to start questioning it.

      I was just thinking that since what we are all doing is communicating, and since one might fairly assume that at least a majority of people attempting to communicate here actually do want to convey their meaning in an effective way, it can't hurt to go back to basics on how to make that happen.

      I have fallen into the trap of abusing logos, ethos and pathos in my online adventures (mostly elsewhere, I think) so if nothing else, I can refer back to this diary for a refresher whenever I need it. :)

      The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any. -Alice Walker

      by LibrErica on Wed Mar 19, 2014 at 05:53:47 AM PDT

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