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View Diary: That 'Hitler' billionaire guy? He's Cuomo's BFF, of course (174 comments)

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    •  Andrew Cuomo, who read the 25-Point Program (2+ / 0-)
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      that Adolf Hitler put out in 1920 and probably misread the context as with Ken Langone and Dear Leader.

      Hitler ran a False Front operation, taking over Socialist and Left Nationalist propaganda items that he used to build the 3,000,000 member Brown Shirt operation, the Sturmabteilung. (We have the same thing, known as the "Birch Society" or "Tea Party.") He weakened the Socialists. He absorbed the nationalists.

      By 1933 he converted the Nazi Party to a hard Right Wing pro-industry party with no notion of nationalizations or wealth sharing.

      Langone misplaces the 25-Points to 1933.

      By then, on January 30th, Hitler was taking over the state as Chancellor. Here is what Langone is responding to (a Fordham University summary of the 1920 document through #23):

      1. Unification of Greater Germany (Austria + Germany)
      2. Land + expansion
      3. Anti-Versailles - abrogation of the Treaty.
      4. Land and territory - lebensraum.
      5. Only a "member of the race" can be a citizen.
      6. Anti-semitism - No Jew can be a member of the race.
      7. Anti-foreigner - only citizens can live in Germany.
      8. No immigration - ref. to Jews fleeing East European pograms.
      9. Everyone must work.
      10. Abolition of unearned income - "no rent-slavery" (quoting Karl Marx.)
      11. Nationalisation of industry
      12. Divison of profits
      13. Extension of old age welfare.
      14. Land reform
      15. Death to all criminals
      16. German law, not Roman law (anti- French Rev.)
      17. Education to teach "the German Way"
      18. Education of gifted children
      19. Protection of mother and child by outlawing child labour.
      20. Encouraging gymnastics and swimming
      21. Formation of a national army.
      22. Duty of the state to provide for its volk.
      23. Duty of individuals to the state
      24. Freedom of religion -- limited to religions that support the state
      25. Foundation of a Reich unifying state and folk
      Langone thinks that Occupy Wall Street espouses 25-Point Program items. Where he got that crap is a mystery. The Koch brothers believe worse, but not by much. You also got a lot of this at CPAC 2014.

      "Stealing kids' lunch money makes them strong and independent." -- Rand Paul Ryan

      by waterstreet2013 on Tue Mar 18, 2014 at 12:28:52 PM PDT

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