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View Diary: NSA's bulk collection bonanza (61 comments)

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  •  thank you for keeping us up to date on the abuses (4+ / 0-)

    Of our 4th Amendtment rights. Obviously the problem goes well beyond the collection of data to the question of what is done with it. Watergate was inteded to provide political advantage to the Nixon re election  campaign. If you know what your political opponent is planning to do, what they are going to say, where they are concentrating their efforts, you have an unfair advantage, even without the types of dirty tricks we have seen time and time again.

    Private citizens and businesses are also at risk if inside information is funneled to a competitor. Given what Murdoch did with News of the World and now the wholesale use of private drones, the larger question might be how to prevent the government and other entities from having these capabilities.

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