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    only have power as long as the rest of us allow it.  It is theoretically possible for us to vote in new representatives who look out for the majority.  Since the Reagan years those in positions of influence have taken a slowly increasing proportion of the wealth.  Those who did the work didn't notice  or were distracted by the new trinkets they could buy while the bosses stuffed their pockets.  Once we figured it out we didn't do anything because we sort of wanted to be one of them.  If you join this group and pay these dues and think a certain way then riches will come unto you too.  But the country needs to run and the only way to make that happen is to find funds.  Take it from the rich, no way.  Take a little from everyone else, we'll call that compromise.  In the meantime we hope that those who have taken will decide on their own to share, like they did 40 years ago.  But that has never happened.  So we buy lottery tickets and fill the collection plate and believe that one day we will be one of them too.  If I were a pragmatic politician I'd have a real hard time figuring out what to do.  The radicals have a clearer but more risky vision.

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