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View Diary: German Neo-Nazis Forge Ties With Ukrainian Svoboda (146 comments)

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    You can't hold an investigation to a tangible proof standard if there's no evidence that the alleged event happened
    You claim 88 people didn't die on Maidan from sniper fire? I thought such crime should be investigated by international and independent commission as first priority.

    Of course opposition and Western media and governments quickly blamed Yanukovich for horrendous crime but without proof as usual. Now Ukraine government blames Russia for snipers which helped them to capture power.

    There is some footage of snipers in work, room where they have been was recognized as Hotel Ukraine (where Right Sector militants were treated), pro-Yanukovich figures like Yakemenko, chief of SBU (Ukrainian security service) made strong case that it was work of Right Sector.

    Even if Yanukovich is to be blamed for snipers the case should thoroughly investigated by United Nations like it was with Rafik Hariri murder in car bomb.

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      You claim 88 people didn't die on Maidan from sniper fire?
      88 people died from gunfights.  That's not the same as 88 from sniper fire.  

      As far as I know there were only two sources claiming that police were hit by pro-Maidan snipers: one was Olga Bogomolets (via the famous Estonian phone call), who says she was totally misunderstood and had no knowledge of police being hit by snipers; the other is Aleksandr Yakimenko, who wasn't there.

      If there's another source that actually had evidence of any sort, I'll happily look at it.

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      by pico on Wed Mar 19, 2014 at 12:42:39 PM PDT

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        if national TV chief executive is beaten in his office by fascist thugs and if Yanukovich MPs claims of being beaten in parliament toilet to force their votes and voting cards stolen by pro-Maidan MPs are true it speaks volume about level of security in Kyiv.

        Not big wonder Bogomolets is frightened.

        Police was unarmed and received guns only in last day of Yanukovich when he signed off treaty with opposition and European FMs.

        But what about UN and Western governments and pliant media? Why they are not demanding investigation? Why it's only Russia which asks full and thorough investigation of Kyiv murders by snipers or in gunfights?

        By the way no country in the world let protesters to shoot police. It's a grave crime.

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