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View Diary: Jindal: Who will think of the disabled? Apparently, not him (33 comments)

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  •  The ACA liberates people with disabilities. (7+ / 0-)

    Before ACA, a person with a disability could only get health insurance (Medicaid) if he also qualified for SSI (disability income). He could be disqualified from SSI & Medicaid by making or having too much money. This disincentivized work, and required parents to set up expensive and restrictive special needs trusts to maintain health coverage for their children. Now health care is available to people with disabilities, including my son, regardless of how much money he makes or saves.

    •  It can help disabled people quite a bit. When a (1+ / 0-)
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      person can't work anymore and is waiting for SSD (disability) they only keep insurance if they can afford the COBRA. Unless they have short term disability through employer people are living off their savings while they wait. Even short term disability is just a percentage of your earnings and mortgage, food and other debts don't go down because you are sick. Your kids still have needs... all that
      What a great relief the ACA can bring in a case like that. If you are sick enough that you can't work you are sick enough to need a doctor! And even if/when approved for SSD there is a 2 year wait for Medicare (from time of application)

      Then there is the disabled people who are self employed or want to be. Imagine the insurance rates without ACA.

      and so on.
      The ACA adds to their choices and options. It talkes nothing away

      It is really heartbreaking to think of all those people who could have care but don't because of political posturing. Those medicaid cut offs of a few thousand dollars they have in their existing medicaid shows their heartlessness

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