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View Diary: U.S.-based multinational corporations cast wary eye on Russia sanctions (120 comments)

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  •  It wasn't my assertion. (2+ / 0-)
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    chuckvw, AoT

    I meant parallels insofar as opportunistic absorption of neighboring territory on the premise of reuniting/rescuing a shared ethnic minority, which led to Anschluss, and so forth.  I guess I should be clearer that I mean more of a pattern in terms of drawing the parallel, rather than a question of scale, in in that there are large populations of ethnic Russians in all the former Soviet states.  Is it so crazy to assume moves might be made towards Transnistria, Belarus, and so forth?  The Baltic states don't seem so complacent.

    Seriously, you're jumping on the wrong guy.  I'm interested in analysis rather than hyperbole and am open to discussion - I have no real conclusions drawn, rather just an observer.  And really my framework is generally IR rather than foreign policy - there are no good options for the US (or "West") here and I'm not even sure any are necessary.  I'm not blind to American hegemony etc etc.

    •  The Baltics are in NATO now. While pretending (1+ / 0-)
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      Russia is a threat is useful distraction for many politicians there, those feigned fears should not be taken as evidence of actual danger.

      Ethnic Russians have been driven entirely or almost entirely from many of the former Soviet Republics.  It's important to understand that background to provide some much needed context to what's happening.

      Putin moving on Belarus would be like the US moving the UK.  Who attacks their own poodle?

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