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View Diary: Russia Starts Eyeing Estonia... That Faint Drumming Just Got Louder (148 comments)

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    Estonia's economy has done moderately well even WITH austerity (it would be booming without it).  The standard of living there is much higher than in the adjoining parts of Russia, and it is a more or less functioning democracy, plus or minus some good ol' fashioned eastern European crony capitalism.  And someone was smart enough to let Russia keep its little gob of Russified territory, and the remaining ethnic Russians do not want to be occupied by Vlad the Pute.  Even if Putin doesn't get that (he does), his military wouldn't go for it.  This isn't the Soviet Union.  Putin needs some significant measure of public support; that's why the homophobia and the naked skinny dipping, which play well in Russia.

    If they did, the military scenario would be very bad for Russia (Estonia's army would be well supplied, have full access to NATO intelligence -- no hidden Russian troops popping up without warning -- and be utterly motivated as they're fighting for their lives.)

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