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    It's been a tearful night and day and still is; I broke down crying again when I fed Bitty this morning because I grabbed Duke's food bowl as well out of habit and then realized what I had done.

    He's going to delight his new family. He's a big sweetie and such a snuggle bunny. He loves to play and he's happiest when he can be close to his people no matter what they're doing. He needs space to run; acres that are fenced would thrill him, so I hope he gets that. He needs his return command really reinforced so it's automatic and then he can be taken to the dog park, the beach, places like that. He needs a solid couple of hours of vigorous exercise every day and it's that that we weren't able to give him.

    But Gods, do I miss that big goof.

    I had to give away my first dog because I couldn't find a new place where dogs were allowed. Almost as soon as I did, I found a place to rent where I could have animals, but I figured I had given her to my friend and owed it to him to let her be. I literally cried every day for months. Finally about three months later, I went to see them and Schatzie wouldn't leave my side. Link said she belonged with me and gave her back. Both she and I had started crying when we were first reunited. I swore I would never do it again. She died of cancer and old age in my arms eleven years later. And yet here I am, doing it for love of a very dear dog.

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