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  •  And the measure of a healthy civil society (11+ / 0-)

    can be taken on how that society treats its dissident voices.  Neither us nor Russia are rockstars in that particular arena, unfortunately.

    One of the reporters for Moskovsky Komsomolets, a paper I don't particularly like, made a very sober call to his readers:

    My own opinion as author is that the return of Crimea to Russia is without doubt the settling of an historical injustice.  All the more reason it should not be overshadowed by "lists of suspects" and "witch hunts".

    In defending Crimea, we are obligated to defend another, equally important value: the minority's right to a voice.

    People who have different opinions (including over Crimea) should be able to express those opinions freely and without fear.  Whether society should listen to them is another question.  We have no obligation to listen, but we do have a duty to provide them with a microphone.  Similarly, society has a duty (especially in a country claiming the right to exert its strength) to avoid equating dissenters with foreign spies and declaring them "enemies of the people." And this danger always exists when patriotism is on the rise.


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    by pico on Thu Mar 20, 2014 at 02:32:14 PM PDT

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