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    And what constitutes "winning"?

    In Australia, the Labor Party has gone from holding federal as well as all 6 state parliaments to Liberals controlling the federal and 5 out of 6 (maybe the 6th one, too) in 6 years.  Granted, federal and state politics have different components, but carbon legislation was part of the picture. (Plus horrific Labor Party infighting)

    The split between Labor and Greens in Tasmania has been nasty. Both were thumped by the Liberals last week. Not only do environmental issues suffer, but reproductive rights, labor rights, immigration rights and a whole host of other issues when the Liberals hold power across Australia.

    Same goes for the U.S. Democratic turnout is notoriously shallow - great for presidential races, but less so for congressional races in pres years, poor in off-year elections, and horrible in state elections. You have noticed, perhaps, the state legislatures in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, etc. etc.

    Polls show 2-to-1 to 3-to-1 support for Keystone.  Also, either an unwillingness or, more importantly, inability to pay more for electricity, heat, and cooling - whenever cost is added to such polling.

    With high unemployment and skyrocketing utility costs, many working poor in Europe are turning to right-wing parties. We'll see how well Marine LePen's National Front does this weekend in France.

    I'll get back in touch.

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