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View Diary: More Coal Woes: Always a Fun Diary to Write (42 comments)

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  •  three coal-fired power plants surround Birmingham (0+ / 0-)

    if they close, it will be revolutionary here with lots of unanticipated consequences. better health will be one result though. Vast respiratory problems here, especially in the poorest areas.

    One of the power plants, Warrior River, sits on top of a huge seam of very dirty coal. Drove past the nearby strip mine the other day. No one seeing these vast strip mines and the filth of the operation would want this to continue.... except for those who make money off it.

    Sixty per cent of the electrical power generated here is exported, primarily to light up Atlanta. If the coal plants are closed the vast income stream going to the Southern Company, which owns Alabama Power, along with other utilities, will start to dissipate. The result will be a lot less walking around money for Alabama politicians from Alabama Power and from the coal barons.

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