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View Diary: Sunday Talk: Can't get fooled again (170 comments)

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  •  About that black hole CNN forced Don Lemon into .. (11+ / 0-)

    ..for the duration; Fox still takes the RWNJ prize

     Surprising no one (with a functioning brain that is) Fox is claiming Flight 370 disappearance is all about Benghazi or the IRS or Fast & Furious. The White house planned this as a distraction: here is a series of Fox video clips from Media Matters:
    Even The Missing Malaysian Airliner Reminds Fox Of Benghazi

    But even more out there is Reverend Al Sharpton's clip of Fox outright claims about flight 370 (sometimes you have to choose the clip in the menu below the opening clip; it's to the right a bit; It's called -  Anti-Obama 'lawless' attacks, with a March madness twist -  fast forward to minute 6:08 for the direct shot at it - after the short ad - sorry about all the steps but Fox actually is pushing this):

    "America could close this investigation fast if it wanted to..well as long as the plane is not hidden in Benghazi.."
     Fox tries to pull it off as half a joke but from Fox(?) At this point who knows. Nothing seems too low down  for these RWNJ's  anymore

    Thx Trix

    P.S. sorry I couldn't edit a short clip of Reverend Al Sharpton's segment and post it but his crew is not updating the older MSNBC websites that has the Daily Kos embeddable <embed> HTML.
     All that is available is the<iframe> HTML that only DK front pagers can use for some reason , and yes I am whining about it,
    so sue me :)

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