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View Diary: Ken Livingstone's statement on the attacks in London (146 comments)

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  •  But (none)
    "I'd like to thank Londoners for the calm way in which they have responded to this cowardly attack ..."

    Numerous reports indicate that there was panic in the underground. People screaming, etc. Isn't the author's assessment wishful thinking?

    •  nope (none)
      Panic was really registered only in King's Cross. Everywhere else, especially where bus exploded, people were very calm and cooperative with the police and emergency services. Everywhere else in London (and in Manchester, where I am), people were shocked but often joked about it and tried to go on with their business. There were no riots/looting/etc... on 9/11, for example, jackals were all over the place at Ground Zero.

      If I may dare, the Brits today gave everyone a lesson in anger management: Blair quoted the main UK islamic council, Livingstone made a wonderful "equality and freedom" speech and even people interviewed on the streets complained with reporters who questioned about "islamic attacks" that these people are just beasts and Islam has little to do with this.

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