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View Diary: Ken Livingstone's statement on the attacks in London (146 comments)

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  •  Reality check (none)
    Do you think Ken has overturned three decades of pro-gay politics in the past year (a non-election year for him) to jump into bed with Osama lite?

    Come on!

    How come nobody here has noticed?  How come Ken more or less forced the government to move on civil partnership laws when, as pretty much his first decision as Mayor, he introduced a regional same sex partnerships registration scheme for London.

    Look, James, there are plenty of ugly homophobes in this country.  Spend your time having a go at someone like Richard Littlejohn (oh how I dread to see what that bastard writes about Muslims in The Sun tomorrow).  Ken is solid.

    •  This is a concern I have about many politicians (none)
      not just Ken. Some people here think I am a "neocon" paid off by "Murdock" to discredit their messiah. But my concern is with any politician who gets close to people with these extremist viewpoints.

      If you think I am going after Livingstone just because of who he is, I'm not. I am criticizing him because I do not think we should overlook his meeting with this man.

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