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View Diary: Ken Livingstone's statement on the attacks in London (146 comments)

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  •  That's a good point (none)
    No, the "they hate us for our freedoms" stuff is bonkers.  I agree that there's often a deliberate attempt to avoid looking at what a group like Al Queda wants, which could probably be summarized as 1. All western troops out of the entire Middle East
    2. All western aid to Israel and Gulf states stops.  

    Maybe a few more, by now, but that's probably what they wanted on 9/11.  I think that people in power fear that the populace might not see those as unreasonable things to trade for safety (especially if the alternative is sending America's kids off to war while liberty vanishes at home).  

    All I was saying was that, given 9/11, Afghanistan was an appropriate response.  Whatever wrongs we had done to Arabs and Muslims didn't deserve 9/11.  Hell, America's most recent military campaign had been defending Muslims from Christians.  

    But I definitely see your point about the ostrich phenomenon, and think its a good one.  


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