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View Diary: MUST-SEE: Bill Maher explains the power of language framing and how Democrats can use it (78 comments)

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    Vericima, enufenuf

    has always boggled my mind as well and finally somebody (mahr) called it out, FINALLY! how about that most famous one of them all "Americans for prosperity", that means "we get richer by making you poorer". There is a much bigger issue here with the words game..people are very gullible and follow words rather than facts and that explains why the American people are the most squeezed out and hung out to dry, taken to the cleaners people in the industrialized world on everything. I wish I could say it wasn't the case but it is. I hope our young generation can follow facts rather than turn on the tube and listen to every piece of crap that comes out of every millionaire's voice..I have faith that our younger people can find facts.

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