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    am graduating this semester, with a grad degree (PhD).  I've been working in my field for 22 years now, but I will still get a boost from having this degree, both in salary (very small boost) and job security (and at my age, that's a huge boost - I'll be able to do what I want to do, to make a living for the rest of my working life).

    I still believe that everyone needs a college degree (and the education too, it's not just for the certificate).

    If you consider the economic outlook for those with high school diplomas (or less), you will realize it is as true as ever: people need college degrees. Even then the competition for jobs will be fierce. People without the degrees are not even contenders.

    And like young students, I also have been paying those huge tuitions. I don't think these young grads have it easy ... it's a scary job market, but it is still better to face it with a degree.

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