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    Oh Mary Oh, vacantlook

    I can definitely understand the anxiety, especially if nothing is immediately lined up workwise.  It may take time to find work that is in line with your interests and pays well enough  to so that life isn't lived paycheck to paycheck, but you sound like you have a great work ethic and attitude, so you will land on your feet.  Some of this takes time and a little trial and error.

    As far as the law route goes, I strongly agree with those who recommend working first as a legal assistant or paralegal to get a sense about what options are available.  There are so many different specialties that it helps to know what is out there before committing to a particular course, or for that matter to a career in law.  I know many lawyers who love what they do, but there are many who also have strong regrets, then there are law school grads who have regrets in part because of the job market for the profession has been rough the past few years.  The administrative and staff support experience can help reduce some of the downside risk, especially if you find an area of practice that you like and establish some professional connections.  Even if you come to the conclusion that the profession is not for you, that experience is still valuable.  Part of the process for most folks is figuring out what you don't want to do first.  That's been my experience, it's taken years, but finally I'm doing work that interests me and pays pretty well.

    The only other bit would be to try to pay down as much debt as quickly as possible.  If living with family is an option for a year or two after graduation, so that you can pay off more debt, it'll help long term.  Same in terms of potentially putting money away as emergency savings.  Even if it's just a few thousand, cash for emergencies, it beats relying on credit and will save money long term.  

    In any event, good luck and take at least some time to celebrate this achievement, before worrying too much about the next step.

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