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View Diary: Principal Outlaws Teaching Of Holocaust Because of Common Core (125 comments)

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    the points you and reenactor have made in this discussion, especially here, when you say,

    We work at grade levels but also at department levels, to make sure that the curricula for each grade level is aligned with the previous and the next.
    I think most American parents and community members would have assumed that school districts have always coordinated curricula in order to progress in a sequence from grade to grade, at least to some extent, as you describe your work with your colleagues here. But the fact is that lots of districts do not do this, and have not done this for decades, which comes as a shock to a lot of people. One of the important things about the Common Core, at least in principle, I think, is that for some basic skills and knowledge there is an effort to build knowledge through a logical sequence.

    The need for this coordination is not only because students who change districts, or who move from state to state, so often find themselves lost, behind the curve, or ahead of the curve in their new school. It's also because even students who are in the same school, and who stay within the same district throughout their elementary and secondary years, may have very different levels of experience with subject matter and information from other students in their grade level because of the lack of coordination and cooperation.

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