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View Diary: Christiegate: Christie Clears Self of Guilt in Internal Review of Bridge Scandal (84 comments)

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  •  this could be a major headache later on (11+ / 0-)

    seriously, one of two outcomes are most likely, and no, one isn't that the administration is exonerated.  The first is that the cost and nature of this "investigation", and the incompleteness of it boomerangs big time.  Because it fits right into the crony story (a firm with large financial ties to the state finds in favor of the state, etc) and also into the "I didn't ask the culpable people any questions b.s" that Christie has been spouting unsuccessfully to date.

    But the bigger potential downside is that it's never ever good to go on record with pending US Attorney investigations looming.  I'd hate to be someone who spoke to this law firm and then gets subpoenaed.  Who turned over documents, phones, etc. and then gets subpoenaed. Because the US Attorneys are not in any way limited to "who closed the bridge lanes".  And this so called investigation is an attempt to limit everything to that issue.  But once the door is open so to speak, you can't close it, especially from an AUSA.  

    Christie's biggest character flaw, his rush to control anything and everything, may in this case bite him in his big ass big time.  

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