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View Diary: Taxpayer dollars teach that evolution is 'wicked and vain' (135 comments)

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  •  America's ability to compete ... (3+ / 0-)
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    Dave925, anon004, kfunk937

    Is not really going to suffer if there are pockets of culturally-mandated ignorance.

    The ignorant may suffer.

    But probably not ... one does not need to accept any particular theory of science to follow even intricate procedures in STEM and the medical industries.

    Personally, I don't mind if there are people "living in the hollers below god's line-of-sight" who keep their offspring ignorant and less-competitive.   More and better jobs for the children of "Brights", right ?

    On the other hand ... diverting tax money from public schools to religious academies.   I didn't care for it when the motive was racial segregation.  I don't care for it now when the motive is religious self-congratulation.

    •  Don't think it's not still (4+ / 0-)

      about racial segregation, too. It's a feature not a bug.

      "My one hobby is maintaining a Democracy. If you get these 500,000 soldiers advocating anything smelling of Fascism, I am going to get 500,000 more and lick the hell out of you and we'll have a real war right here at home. - General Smedley Butler, 1933

      by Dave925 on Mon Mar 24, 2014 at 09:59:47 AM PDT

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