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View Diary: Taxpayer dollars teach that evolution is 'wicked and vain' (135 comments)

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  •  Why is the statement concerning God creating (0+ / 0-)

    man in His (God's) own Image and Likeness "vain"?

    Is that because it issues MAN the challenge to grow, expand, and perhaps someday, recognize himself as having God-like potentials?  Might it not be a fact that evolution is more in keeping with that premise as REALITY than currently misunderstood , or mis proclaimed, to be?

    As to "flat earth", how about the actual stage of cultural and scientific development, when that was first proposed, and for millennia thereafter - until the technological ability to grind lenses, and manufacture such as telescopes, was developed?  Or are you saying that cultures do not evolve, though mankind, as an entity separate from culture, did?

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