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View Diary: Taxpayer dollars teach that evolution is 'wicked and vain' (135 comments)

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  •  No offense intended (2+ / 0-)
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    dewtx, JerryNA

    However some people are always going to be offended, no matter what you say or how you say it. Good morning has been a prelude to an argument bordering on the hostile - so my lesson is learned.
    While I TRY to respect anyone's right to believe what they want, just as I TRY to respect the right to free speech, I have serious reservations when those beliefs are far out of touch with the facts of life and the Universe that we live in, just as I have reservations about people who yell 'fire' in a crowded theater... and when whimsical 'beliefs' founded on nothing other than wishful thinking and 'ancestral traditions' cause damage in real time, real life by leading to false 'truths' that are the basis and foundation for erroneous and damaging decisions, legislation and actions - such reservations should be adequately aired and dealt with in a sane forum.
    Those who CHOOSE to deny factual evidence and the proof provided by the sciences have a very shaky claim to 'faith' anyhow. If indeed, God did 'speak' the Universe into being, then the Universe, everything in it, MUST be the product of Gods word... God's TRUE word... and every fact we can find and prove about the Universe, and the nature thereof, MUST be God's true word as well.
    There can be NO actual conflict between Gods True word and the facts provided by Sciences. Where such a conflict exists, one or the other must be wrong, and we were 'given' the intelligence to weigh the evidence and find the truth.
    I have no proof that God exists... but then again I have no proof that God does NOT exist. The religions to date fail to prove God does exist, yet the sciences constantly provide us with facts and evidence that the Universe does exist.
    In short, to deny science is to deny the true word of God, and that God exists outside of a very old book, written and rewritten, revised, modified, altered and 'editorialized' by hundreds of years of  political motivations and corrupt rulers who benefited in too many ways by keeping the general population sedated, content, quiet and obedient under their rule.
    I would sooner invest in Animoil (see Farmed and Dangerous).

    •  "Free Speech" means people can say any stupid (1+ / 0-)
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      (esp. religious) thing they want. It does not guarantee a publicly funded platform, nor does it guarantee credulity or freedom from argument and being mocked. The religious types complaints of "persecution" are garbage. They only invoke the Constitution when they can get something out of it, just like their selective Bible-quoting.

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